Boulware grabbed his mother by the throat and squeezed with both hands to the point where she could barely 搒peak because of her raspy voice,?according to the police report.” “Boulware has threatened shooting sprees before”.”Family members told police they were concerned because Boulware had made recent comments about 搒hooting up schools and churches.?”Boulware抯 mother told a detective that her son 搕alks to himself quite frequently and appears delusional, but also said that he is not taking any medications.?, his brother told police that Boulware arrived and 搑emoved several guns, rifles, body armor and several boxes of ammunition from their home and left in an unknown direction.?Seventeen years ago, Boulware was arrested in Dallas County for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to court records. Details of that incident were not immediately available. After serving two years’ probation, a judge found him not guilty and dismissed the charges.””In Dallas County, prosecutors charged him with misdemeanor and felony counts of family violence. Both cases, however, were dismissed nine months after the attack.”
You just know this guy is white because police, County prosecutors and Judges just kept letting him slide right on by with all of his guns and freedom even after his own family warned them time and time again. Some will say skin color has nothing to do with it, I call B.S. on that.fcisp